About Alaska Legacy Partners

At Alaska Legacy Partners, our mission is to shape the future of Alaska's investment landscape by identifying unrealized opportunities and delivering above average returns. We bring together a diverse team of experts, each with a passion for innovation and a dedication to measurable results. Anchored in our values of integrity, community, and excellence, we pave the way for investors to thrive in this remarkable region.

Company-Centric Strategies

Working directly with company management teams, we create unique investment strategies that deliver long-term value. We maintain a culture of collaboration and respect while being focused on accountability and performance.

Executional Expertise

Evaluating needs to help companies grow and succeed, we leverage our extensive network of relationships and resources. We help our portfolio companies identify and employ operational excellence, driving sustainable growth.

Societal Gains

Investing capital and resources to support our companies leads to significant job creation and revenue growth, both of which positively impact local communities and the economy at large.

We provide real estate and venture capital services, including:

Acquisition and development

Asset Management

Joint ventures and public partnerships